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Still Young/Clean Bandit – Extraordinary (Still Young Remix) Big Beat Records

Clean Bandit – Extraordinary (Still Young Remix) Big Beat Records


1. Clean Bandit - Extraordinary (Still Young Remix)

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About Album

Rather than the usual bombast or snooze-inducing “relaxation music,” the U.K. six-piece known as Clean Bandit mash classical music and pop forms for an airy and dreamy yet driven sound that’s like the chamber music version of house music. After the incredible anthem ‘Rather Be’ they return with a summer feel good sing along ‘Extraordinary’.

So to make this beautiful piece of music even more uplifting, cue progressive houses biggest re-mixers, Still Young, coming off the back of the superb Galantis, “You” remix, they transmit the same euphoria into the soaring xylophone and piano riffs which make the original so potent. Add in the soothing vocal from Sharna Bass and you have another remix masterpiece, courtesy of Still Young.

Release Date: 14-07-2014
Genre: Progressive House