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Still Young/Still Young – Midnight (Size Records)

Still Young – Midnight (Size Records)


1. Still Young - Midnight

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About Album

There are no words that can do describing the visionary sound of “Midnight” justice. Let’s put it this way, if a symphony could sound like this record, we would never stop listening to it. The tune is anchored by a massive muted kick drum which is harmoniously tuned to the ever so slight humming bass line, the frequencies are blended perfectly, but the melodic chord progression is nothing short of genius in its simplicity.  Up and down the chords roll and as we listen we won’t be able to help ourselves from throwing our hands up as if we are conducting a symphony. Epic and beautiful, progressive and mature, the breakdown is a story told in and of itself, the build is exactly what we need and then releases back into pure enlightenment. “Midnight” is a daring tune in a time of formula music, but remember, Still Young promised us a “Gift”, a “Vision” Well…can you see it now? “Midnight” is one of many “Gifts” to come.
Release Date: 14-09-2014
Genre: Progressive House

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