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Still Young/StillYoung-Finally EP

StillYoung-Finally EP


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About Album

Enigmatic dance duo Still Young have kicked off 2016 with a 5-track EP ; aptly named ‘Finally’, it’s due for release on Steve Angello’s respected SIZE Records. The music of Still Young will already be familiar to many, with their remix of ‘You’ by Galantis having been named WMC Tune of the Year in 2014. Their latest releases on Size – a collaboration with Simon De Jano and Madwill entitled ‘Temptation’ and ‘Check This Out’, a collaboration with Michael Brun – have helped them to solidify their status as major players on the label. Back with an impressive mixture of dancefloor fillers and collaborations with dance music’s finest vocalists (Ollie James & Cazzi Opeia), ‘Finally’ enforces Still Young’s vision of letting the music speak for itself.

Starting off strong is ‘On Your Side’, featuring Ollie James. The track starts off with solid vocals and synths, which lead into a crescendo of heavy rhythms. Blending hefty drums and catchy handclaps throughout the latter half of the track with James’ vocals, it’s an effective collaboration.

In ‘Insignia’, the duo mix sharp beats and smart melodies with live instruments, an element which is present throughout the whole EP and reflects the pair’s unique performances. The track starts off with a captivating melody leading into a fast, heavy syncopated rhythm. The duo then effortlessly switch to a real drumkit, bringing a live performance element. This fusing of electronic and physical beats carries the track to an explosive finish.

‘Rock N Rolla’ is as raucous as you’d expect for a track with such a title. With elements of catchy guitar riffs and drums throughout the track, ‘Rock N Rolla’ gives a small nod to their heavier influences, all whilst staying true to their electronic roots. The track takes a subtle turn halfway through, captivating the ears and feet of their listeners.

The penultimate track, ‘Dreams’ gets off to a fast paced club anthem feel, but soon develops into an airy melodic atmosphere. The final track of ‘Finally’ enlists the vocals of self-confessed club kid, CazziOpeia. Rounding off the EP, ‘Fallen Skies’ adds a female touch to the EP, with CazziOpeia’s vocals dancing over the hard-hitting dance beats and intricate melodies of the track. ‘Fallen Skies’ provides a well-rounded ending to the EP.

The ‘Finally’ EP exhibits what Still Young can bring to the dance music world, encapsulating their skills and proving their worth as members of the SIZE family.

Release Date: 8-3-2016
Genres: Electro, Funk, Progressive House

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